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June 2021

With 7% growth in Q1 2021, Turkey was the country with the highest annual growth rate among OECD countries. These economic performances should continue in the second half of the year and throughout the year thanks to the restart of global economic activity linked to the deployment of massive vaccination campaigns but also thanks to the resilience of Turkish entrepreneurship and the emergence start-ups whose dynamism attracts foreign investors, particularly in the fields of games, logistics and FinTech.

In terms of health, the vaccination campaign has accelerated. It is now open to all residents from the age of 18. Currently more than 48 million people have received at least 1 dose of the vaccine, or about 58% of the total population. The Turkish authorities have also announced the complete lifting of restrictions from July 1, including the end of the evening and Sunday curfew and the end of restrictions on interurban travel. Wearing a mask in public spaces, both open and closed, remains compulsory. In addition, France has included Turkey in the list of orange zone countries, that is to say where the circulation of the virus is active but in controlled proportions and without dissemination of worrying variants. From now on, travelers no longer need to present a compelling reason to travel to or from Turkey.

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