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July 2021

The news of recent weeks has been marked by natural disasters both in Turkey and globally, recalling the urgency to take measures at the environmental level. Located in the southern belt of Mediterranean Europe, Turkey remains particularly vulnerable to climate risk. Temperatures are expected to rise 3 degrees and rainfall to decrease 20% by 2040. In recent weeks, the Black Sea region has been hit by torrential floods and landslides; agricultural land has been completely inundated and crops devastated.

The Turkish political sphere is stepping up its initiatives to contribute to a greener and more sustainable economy. Turkey has thus initiated an action plan for integration into the European Green Deal, a plan that includes 32 objectives and 81 actions in 9 categories to support Turkey's transition to an economy more respectful of the environment, in line with the objective of making Europe the first climate neutral continent by 2050. A working group will coordinate actions to adapt to the requirements and standards established by the European Union.

In terms of health, the country is continuing its vaccination campaign: according to data from the Turkish Ministry of Health, more than 40 million of the population is first vaccinated, representing 48% of the total population. Turkey has also started administering a third dose to increase the antibodies, which are supposed to weaken after 6 months. Eligible people are hospital staff and people over 50 who received their second dose at least 3 months ago. The choice of vaccine is left to the vaccinee between Sinovac or Pfizer-BioNTech, currently administered in Turkey.

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